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Wooly Critters

Wooly Critters

This series of images was going to be the first but became the second.

 As I wandered around this beautiful province, I kept coming across all these various wooly creatures in the fields and farms.

I love sheep, I find them funny and at the same time calming. They are peaceful creatures with dear faces and such a wide variety of wooly coats. I feel privileged to photograph them.

I came across one farm called Aspen Grove and talked to the kind owners who graciously let me spend time with their girls and boys. This series is not finished as I will be returning to take more photos when they are in full coat.

I loved this place because the sheep are farmed only for their wool—they are not sold for meat. This was important to me. I visited one farm previously that I thought was just for wool and then discovered to my great sadness that the young males ended being killed once they reached 100 pounds. Lamb took on a whole new meaning for me.

I was delighted when I found Aspen Grove Farm. I can hardly wait for winter because the farm puts, what looks like, duvets on the sheep to protect their coats over the rough winter. I can’t wait to photograph that! They look adorable and at Christmas, they get red bows! What joy!