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Meanwhile… Back in the Studio

Meanwhile… Back in the Studio

On days that I can’t get out and roam the hills and valleys, I love working in my studio making images of just whatever takes my fancy and imagination.

It could be a feather that I found or a decayed leaf, or a vintage find that caught my eye in an antique shop or flea market. But there is always something about it that catches my eye. I must take a picture of it.

Again, I come in close to isolate the image because that is what I see and feel about it. I am in a sense, taking its portrait.

As I do with animals and structures, I want to capture the essence of what I see. Perhaps I have always viewed the world this way as I am short-sighted and tend to ignore what is out of focus for me! Whatever the reason, it has become, over the years, my style.

This series will grow over the winter and I am so looking forward to the additions.