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Home in Nova Scotia

Home in Nova Scotia

2019 has been an amazing year for us. We found our beautiful retirement home and though we are still working and have a place in the US, I am spending the majority of my time here and loving it!

I have become quite a homebody. I wander around the province with my camera, but it is such a joy to come home, even after my daily wanderings. I work in the studio on the coldest stormy days and am cooking and baking again. I have even taken up rug hooking.

Time goes slower here, no one seems in a hurry; no one is competing.  In the shops, people are friendly and love to chat. Long lineups this Christmas season, are just a fact of life and no one seems to mind when someone is slow getting their money or cards out to pay for purchases.  Life here seems simpler and kinder. Nova Scotians are some of the most wonderful people on this lovely blue planet. “Whatever” is not a derogatory sarcastic word here—it is a kind mantra. People do not get put down for different opinions, and hate and division are frowned upon, not encouraged. Neighbours look out for one another.

I miss my friends in the US and happily, some are planning to visit in the next year to see what this place is all about. Yes, there are problems as there are everywhere, but I feel can breathe here and be calm and creative. Finally, home.