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Fragments of a Dream

Fragments of a Dream

When I first returned to the place that I love the best, that I always called home even though I was not born here, I felt inspired in ways that I have not felt for many years.

Every day I roamed the landscape, visited farms and wineries and the wonderful coastal communities. I wandered down rough country roads familiarizing myself with this place called Nova Scotia. I heaved many sighs of relief. I was finally home.

This one building inspired what I call my Series One. It is a simple Quonset Hut just sitting abandoned on the side of the road on what is referred to as the Evangeline Trail. I could not get it out of my mind. I was working on another series of images at the time, but I had to stop and just focus on this building. It would not leave me alone, so finally I went and photographed it and a new series was born.

I did nothing with it for a week, I just thought about it and other buildings that I had photographed over the years. I usually come in quite close to my subjects to isolate them from what I considered extraneous to the image I saw in my mind’s eye, to make it more real to me. Then, one night, I had a dream. I dreamed of the building and in my dream I pictured it different, but the same, and it actually became more real to me. I added a little something to the building and took away the surrounding environment, essentially isolating it from its environment.  I made a print and the whole series fell into place. The series is not complete—there will be more buildings that catch my eye and imagination as I go, but working on this and other images, has given me so much joy.

The images are moody but calming with hints of a longing not defined.  I call series, Fragments of a Dream.